A Life in the Friendzone




“I can mark my entire life’s timeline in relationships blemished by romantic frustration,” jokes Emily. Here’s one friendzoned memory in particular.

I don’t know how it happened; it was a slow and steady rain. It was because he made me laugh in that real, guttural way.  Sometimes, I laughed so hard, I completely stopped breathing. It was because I expected his witticisms and arrogance, but was surprised by his kindness and those few moments that he said something so wise that I felt fed.  Because he started sentences with my name and offered to refill my coffee when he went up to refill his own. He would say, “I know you,” in this intense, consuming way… in this way that made me feel Madonna-naked.

Check out the rest of my essay, A Life in the Friendzone on The Page Girls Friendzone Issue


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