It’s Happening, Book Two…GET EXCITED


This week on The Page Girls issue Love/Hate, I am releasing a blurb and excerpt from the second book in my series! This is how I feel about it:



In Don’t Eat the Cake, we will revisit Ella and Luke’s wedding, but this time we’ll be hearing Salma’s story.

Don’t Eat the Cake

“According to the laws of karma, when you suffer a severe indignity, it is directly related to something very horrible that you did in this life or another. As Salma sat in the opulent lobby at Belle Bridal Couture, sandwiched between Janessa Demos and Cynthia Hassler, waiting for Ella Hutchinson to try on her fourteenth wedding dress, she wondered what it was that she had done to deserve this.”

When Luke announces his engagement to Brookview Heiress Ella Hutchinson, Salma is sure her little brother has lost his damn mind. Though she is no stranger to shit storm of bad news, this takes the cake…but Salma is a good person and she is unwilling to lose the only family she has left. So when Ella asks her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, Salma jumps at the opportunity to get to know her future sister.

But the parties are exhausting, the rest of the bridesmaids are lazy loonies and somehow, Salma has landed the job as Ella’s personal (unpaid!) assistant. And that photographer!

Why is he still employed by the Hutchinson enterprise? If he is not getting the entire staff tanked in the back room, then he’s snapping shots of party guests doing very bad things. Salma doesn’t like him, doesn’t trust him, and may or may not have accidentally slept with him before embarking on the Luke/Ella wedding extravaganza.

Now, they are stuck in Costa Rica together and he is everywhere.

Not only can she not forget her latest indiscretion, the man has managed to drag her into his own devious behaviors, leaving this 31-year old good girl in more than a couple precarious situations.

Then a secret Paul is carrying reveals a disconcerting truth about the Hutchinson family and Salma must do everything she can to protect her brother by stopping this wedding. When the brooding photographer becomes an unlikely ally in her quest to save Luke, Salma discovers that the one thing she can’t trust around him is her own heart…and of course, that ticking time bomb between her legs.


Click here for an exclusive excerpt of Don’t Eat the Cake.


Don’t Eat the Cake will be available this fall. Stay tuned for more excerpts!



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