Traveling for Paradise: A Girl’s Guide to Traveling Alone

from Gemma Thompson of Girls That Travel

from Gemma Thompson of Girls That Travel


Gemma Thompson is a unique and bold storyteller because she chases her narrative, traveling all over the world and doing it solo.  After meeting female travelers just like her, Gemma decided to take some action.  She started “Girls That Travel,” a community platform for women bold enough to seek adventure and share their stories.  Her idea is quickly becoming a movement, inspiring women all over the world to grab their passports and bags, leave their fear at home, and follow their bliss to wherever it may take them.

EMILY: Girls That Travel promotes independent traveling – women traveling solo. I imagine that the concept can be pretty daunting to some women. What have you learned about yourself from traveling alone and why do you think it is an important experience for women?

GEMMA: The concept can be very daunting.  Especially if it’s your first time traveling in a developing country, or if there is a language barrier or a very different culture to what you are used to at home.  I think it is important to experience all of these things as a solo woman traveler, as it forces you out of your comfort zone, opens your eyes, and makes you think on your feet.  Travel plans (especially longer backpacking adventures) rarely go to plan all of the time, and sometimes that’s for the best, but you very quickly learn to adapt! My own personal experiences have taught me to be a lot more patient (for example, when a two-hour bus ride with toilet in Bolivia turns into a seven-hour potholed bone-jangler, holding a stranger’s toddler on my knee, without a toilet, and having to pee in a field full of Llamas).


Read the rest of Gemma’s interview on The Page Girls website


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